Grow your business with RealArb International

Selling internationally can be intimidating.


We have provided everything you need to know to make it a breeze.  

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Why sell on Amazon Canada and Mexico?


Increase Sales 

Ecommerce companies that sell on 3+ amazon countries sell 163% more.



Team Building

Reach More Customers

Amazon Canada and Mexico each get over 150 million unique visitors a day. That’s just more customers RealArb can help you reach.

Work Less

Avoid spending hours manually researching products that sell internationally. Let RealArb do it for you!


Everything You Need to Know 


Please do not turn on list globally 

RealArb will connect directly into your Amazon CA and Amazon MX accounts. We find this provides more accuracy and better safety standards then amazon's list globally option. 

How do returns work with international selling?

Here at RealArb we have made it extremely easy to account for international

returns. In addition to the other variables that go into the items published price, we

also include a return neutralization cost. Also just like with amazon US for all returns

and cancels you will receive a refund for the RealArb fee.

Return Neutralization Boost - This is a additional markup to your listing that goes to

you at the time of sale. All items are published with this $25 up charge. This charge

is added to neutralize the cost associated with international return management,

which can be costly. Thanks to this margin boost, you can rest assured knowing that

losses due to returns are account for.

It is up to you how you would like to approach returns operationally. No matter your

operational selection the $25 up charge will remain to assist you. Here at RealArb

our preferred method for handling returns is to refund the international customer

and allow them to keep the item. The $25 return neutralization up charge

completely covers this operational method.


What are the customs/duties involved?

With shipping items internationally, duties and customs can be intimidating.

Contrary to popular belief they are easy to understand and account for. We include this additional cost into the items price for you, ensuring your profits will be unaffected.

The actual breakdown of how to calculate this number is the following. For most

countries, we use the manufacturer's cost of an item as the declared value, which

comes to be 1/3 of the price in which you sold the item for. You must pay 20% for

duties of this value. (ex. Sold for $150 = $10 duties cost.)

How are duties paid?

The cost of duties is included in the listing price of your orders. We require that all

clients ship internationally with “DDP” shipping meaning duties are paid as the

order goes through customs. This amount is estimated and paid at the time a

shipping label is created and is based off the declared value. If customs determine a

value different than your estimated duties, your shipping carrier will invoice you for

this difference.

What is the process for setting up RealArb Internationally?

Since you are already set up on amazon US you are already familiar with the set up

process for MX and CA. We connect directly to the marketplace as a 3rd party

application, just like US. For the steps on how to set up each marketplace please reach out to

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How should I ship internationally?

We recommend using our fulfillment partner, Relax and Ship. R&S will handle all of the packaging, shipping, labeling, and customs forms.

If you would like to perform fulfillment personally we recommend DHL, FedEx, USPS, or UPS.


How do I set my shipping settings for CA and MX?

Below are the steps needed to properly set your shipping settings for both Mexico and Canada.

1. Please login to your amazon seller account - at the top right side of

your page click settings - click shipping settings

2. From here please make sure you are on your default template (this

can be identified by a little yellow flag that says default") If you do

not wish to use your default template please let us know and we

can set that up.

3. Click edit template in the top right corner of the page

4. From here you can adjust all shipping settings for your default

template, we want to make sure that 1 day shipping, 2 day

shipping, and prime shipping are all turned off (**a seller cannot set

the handling time for 1 day shipping, 2 day shipping, and prime

shipping that is why it must be turned off**)

5. We also want to make sure you have standard shipping set properly.

Please make sure you are not charging anything for shipping, we

set the cost of shipping into your listed price. Also please set

"transit time" to 7-14 days

What do I do about language translation? 

For your amazon seller central it could not be easier. Log into your account and at the top of the page next to the search bar you will see a language drop down. From here you can select any language you would like the entire page translated into.   


For customer service Google translate is a FREE and easy to use solution. Go to and you will see how easy it is. This will be your solution for any customer service that needs to be translated.