1. Vacations - If you plan on taking a vacation and need to turn your sales off please reach out to your account manager directly. This will prevent any issue that could occur.

  2. Privacy - Please refrain from sharing any and all personal or sensitive information with others. We are only able to answer questions or grant requests about your specific Realarb account. Anything related to your account must be from you. We cannot and will not reply to questions, or accommodate requests, that do not pertain to your own account.

  3. Sales Volume - If you are doing too many or too little sales please let us know. Realarb can scale you up or down in sales volume.  Please consider the following factors in regards to sales volume.

    1. How many sales can you handle moving forward from a financial stand point. ​

    2. How many sales can you handle moving forward from a work load stand point.

    3. Are you interested in getting set up on other market places (for example Walmart.com, amazon EU, amazon, JP, and amazon AU)

    4. Personal Velocity limits.

  4. Fulfilling order - It is your responsibility to buy items that have sold in a timely manner. While we scrape items multiple times a day we cannot guarantee sources will have these items in stock for long periods of time, hence why we take the time and effort to update our data so frequently.  

  5.   RealArb Solutions

    1. ​​If you have any issues whatsoever please inform us. While our system is 99.9% accurate occasionally edge cases arise. It is our number one priority to resolve these as quickly as possible, but we cannot resolve them without knowing about them.

      1. For all perceived issues please close the individual listing and reach out to RealArb immediately. Closing a listing should only be used for a short term fix. Closing a listings will not work properly as a long term solution.  

  6. Mandatory Shipping settings -  ​

    1. Please login to your amazon seller account - in the top right of your page click settings  - click shipping settings​

    2. From here make sure you are on your default template (this can be identified by a little yellow flag that says defualt")

    3. Click edit template in the top right corner of the page

    4. From here you can adjust all shipping settings for your defualt template, we want to make sure that 1 day shipping, 2 day shipping, and prime shipping are all turned off (**a seller cannot set the handling time for 1 day shipping,  2 day shipping, and prime shipping that is why it must be turned off**)

    5. We also want to make sure you have expedited shipping turned on ans set appropriately (this will help increase sales).

    6. Please make sure you are not charging anything for expedited shipping, we set the cost of shipping into your listed price. Also please set "transit time" for expedited to 1-3 days or 2-4 days depending on your own personal experience.

  7. Velocity limits - Our number one priority as a company is to keep our clients amazon accounts healthy. In regards to amazon they have a term/rule called "velocity limits." If your amazon account has never consistently done a higher number of sales per day and then  you start doing a high number of sales per day, amazon will shut you down. In order to avoid this complication we will progress your account very strategically. Amazons Velocity limit policy: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/external/200320980?language=en-US&ref=mpbc_3485871_cont_200320980

  8. Profit Fluctuations - While we would like to see every client make a healthy profit there are a host of variables that can make a clients profit higher or lower than anticipated. While we do not charge you extra when you are able to profit more, we also are unable to offer discounts if you do not profit your anticipated amount.

  9. Communications with Realarb - Please keep all communications with Realarb as clear and organized as possible. We can only answer questions that have to do with our system and the service we provide. We cannot and will not provide help in regards to anything that is not our service or system. 

  10. Billing - 

    1. When issued your Realarb invoice you will have 3 business days to pay. If not paid in 3 business days your account will be suspended until payment is received. 

    2. Realarb issues you your bill twice a month.

    3. Our fee is 15% of total revenue accrued for items sold using our system. We do not charge you 15% of the sales tax on an item sold.

    4. Once a bill is issued we can not change it due to returns/cancels that were not entered correctly. Cancels and returns need to be updated on time to be accounted for on your invoice. Any Cancels and returns that are not updated on time will be accounted for in the following RealArb bill. 

    5. Al Returns and Cancels that a client wishes to be reimbursed for must be submitted within 100 days of the order date.

    6. ​We are only responsible for providing the agreed upon data and reserve the right to remove data at anytime. 

  11.  RealArb Exclusivity policy

    1. All data agreed upon between a client and RealArb will remain exclusively that client's data and will not be given to any other RealArb client while actively in use. 

    2. Attempts to take listings, items, or sources within the RealArb program and utilize said data outside of the RealArb program will lead to imitate account termination and immediate legal action. 

    3. Any retailer that RealArb maintains and offers to clients, as a source of data, cannot be used by clients in any other form other then through the RealArb program.  If utilizing a retailer that RealArb maintains prior to signing up with RealArb,  a client may be asked to stop. Failure to comply with this request may prevent an individual from becoming a part of the RealArb program. 

    4. If you feel you have a unique case or special exception to this exclusivity policy, please submit it to Support@RealArb.com 

    5. If a current RealArb client feels they are in violation of this policy and do not wish to continue with the RealArb program please notify Support@RealArb.com