Calculating Profitability

The following factors are used to calculate your Realarb profitability.​

 Profitability equation:  (The $ amount the item sold for) - A - B - C - D = Your profits/Margins  ​

  • (A) The cost you paid for the item - For this you will have to keep a few things in mind. The price of the item can be affect by many factors such as sales, cash back programs, cash back payment methods, and other discounts you may receive.  

  • (B) Amazons fee - amazons fee can vary by catagory and by price of the item sold. To find out what your amazon fee for an order is, you will have to download the report amazon provides you

  • (C) Realarbs fee - To calculate your Realarb fee all you have to do is find 15% of what the item sold for. (If you charged the customer a tax, we do not charge you 15% of the tax price. Minus the tax price from the amount the item sold for and then find the 15%.)

  • (D) Cost of shipping - The amount it cost you to ship the item to the customer.